Email To Voice

ZetaBee's Email To Voice (E2V) service calls your phone and reads out your most important emails.

If your credit card company detects fraud or your PayPal account is used to send money, it could be helpful to get an instant phone call to make sure everything is alright. ZetaBee E2V can make that happen very easily.

Don't miss out on REALLY important emails

Simply use your mail software's filtering rules feature to send a copy of emails from your boss, the IRS, or eBay to a new email address we'll provide you.


How do I get started?

  1. Log in and add your phone number (US & Canada only).
  2. Activate your phone number.
  3. Forward critical emails to a super-secret email address we'll set up just for you.

That's it! Any time you get an important email, you will get a phone call from ZetaBee. If you get too many calls, adjust your email rules.

But I already have email and text messaging on my phone!

And that's exactly what the problem is. We get bombarded by so many emails and text messages on your phones, PDAs, and tablets that the most critical ones get buried.

Not all emails are created equal and the last thing you want is to miss a really important email that might be sent only once in a while. ZetaBee E2V can help you stay on top of your most critical emails.