Tip of My Tongue

Find the word that you've been trying to remember all day...

About Tip of My Tongue

Tip of My Tongue is an iPad/iPhone/iPod app that makes it very easy to find words. The original inspiration for this app was the web-version I created in 2007.

The latest version of the iOS app contains a list of 125,000 words and you do not need Internet-access for searching through the word list. Internet-access is only required for looking up the meaning of words.

Usage & Instructions

Once the app is running, you can enter the search criteria for finding words. The search results are shown immediately on the iPad while on the iPhone/iPod, you have to click on the 'Search' button.

There are four types of criteria that you can use to find words:

Word Length:

Specify the shortest and longest acceptable word lengths here. Use these to narrow down the results if you get too many matches.


Specify which letters must be and cannot be in the word that you are looking for. Very often we can recall that the word we're looking for has an 'i' and maybe a 'k' but does not have an 'x' or a 'z'. Specifying these in the 'Letters' section greatly improves the matches. Of course, if you specify the same letter in both these fields, you will get no matches.

Partial Words:

If you know the prefix or suffix (starts with 'ada' or ends with 'nt') then specify that here. If you know the letters 'dama' are present somewhere in the word in that particular order, specify that in the 'Contains' field. If you just want to find words that contain some specific letters in no particular order, then type those letters in the 'Letters' section and not the 'Partial Words' section.

Solve Word Games:

To solve a Hangman word-puzzle, type in the known letters and use the '.' (period) symbol for missing letters. The Wild Cards puzzle is similar to Hangman with one difference: In Hangman, if a letter has been typed in manually, then it cannot be used in any of the blanks. There is no such restriction for Wild Cards.

To get a list of all the words that can be made using a particular set of letters (like a word jumble puzzle or 7-8 tiles in Scrabble), type those in the 'Unscramble' field. If you get too many matches, specify the minimum length.